2018 EMP Summit Highlights

The InfraGard Electromagnetic Pulse Special Interest Group (EMP SIG) has supported preparedness and recovery of the critical infrastructures of the United States since its founding in year 2011.

The InfraGard EMP SIG sponsored a Summit on December 7, 2018 at the U. S. National Capitol Visitors Center in Washington DC.

  • The Agenda for the day is reproduced below.
  • The video of the presentations: SUMMIT VIDEOS
    • We offer a special “Thank you” to David Womick, Producer & Director of Earthling Films, for recording and making available the presentations.
  • Power Point Slides for the following presentations: Major David Stuckenberg • Dr. George Baker • Gale Nordling • General Luke Reiner • Senator Bob Hall • Curtis Birnback • Tom Popik • William Harris • Patrick Carrick • Jeff Weiss


  • 8:45 Welcomes Mary Lasky, Chair EMP SIG, Gary Gardner, Chairman, InfraGard National, Stephanie Shark, FBI
  • 9:00 Congressman David Price (D-NC), House Intelligence Committee – introduced by Steve Volandt, Vice Chair EMP SIG and Vice President Auroros
  • 9:15 Caitlin Durkovich, Director Toffler Associates introduced by Gary Gardner
  • 9:45 Director Bob Kolasky, DHS National Protection and Program Directorate’s (NPPD) National Risk Management Center Department of Homeland Security — introduced by Gary Gardner
  • 10:15 Break
  • 10:30 Highlights from Spartacus by Ambassador James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence, and Major David Stuckenberg, Aide-de-camp to the Commander of Air Education & Training Command
  • 10:40 Highlights from Microgrids at the Crossroads by Dr. George Baker, Director, Foundation for Resilient Societies
  • 10:50 Gale Nordling, Emprimus introduced by Bill Harris
  • 11:05 Recent Actions in the States — David Winks, Managing Director Acqusight, Moderator General Luke Reiner, National Guard TAG, Wyoming Texas Senator Bob Hall
  • 12:00 Curtis Birnbach, Advanced Fusion Introduced by David Winks
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 1:15 Mark Welsko, Worldwide Environmental Services introduced by Chuck Manto
  • 1:30 Actions in DOD – Lucian Niemeyer, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, introduced by Dr. George Baker, Director, Foundation for Resilient Societies
  • 2:00 Discussion on Emergency Action including FAST Act Emergency Orders – Paul Stockton, former Assistant Secretary of Defense, with Ambassador Jim Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence
  • 2:30 EMP & GMD Cost Study by Tom Popik, Foundation for Resilient Societies introduced by Mary Lasky
  • 2:45 Cost Recovery Methods by Bill Harris, Vice Chair EMP SIG introduced by Steve Volandt
  • 3:00 EMP Challenges and Opportunities: Summing It Up — Major General Julie A. Bentz, Director for Nuclear Defense Policy, National Security Council Staff introduced by Mary Lasky
  • 3:30 Pat Carrick, Chief Scientist, DHS Science and Technology Division introduced by Mary Lasky
  • 4:00 Technology and Investment Review Karlos Bruce, Armag Corporation Don Hoffman, Excel Services Andrew Whitney, Energy Investment Partners (EIP) and VelociFoam Joel Coulter, Agile Fractal Grid Alliance
  • 4:45 Jeff Weiss, Distributed Sun
  • 4:55 Remarks by Chuck Manto
  • 5:00 Closing Remarks – Mary Lasky

We Thank Our Sponsors: Emprimus, Advanced Fusion Worldwide, Environmental Services, Hartwell Capitol Consulting, Armag Corp, EXCEL Services, Energy Investment Partners & VelociForm, Agile Fractal Grid, Intenergys, AUI/Woodstar Labs, and Trusted Systems.

Executive Order 13865 – Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses

On March 29th, 2019 the President signed Executive Order 13865 relating to resilience to EMP, both natural and human-made. This is a significant step in normalizing the conversation around EMP and the need to address shortfalls in this area. You can find a link to the full Executive Order below.

Executive Order 13865 – Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses