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Scenario DevelopmentConsequence Management PlanningResponse PlanningRecovery PlanningBranch & Sequel PlanningCritical Infrastructure DependenciesProcess ManagementLogistics Management & Resource SupportCommunicationsTransportationState GovernmentNational GuardFederal Military SupportFederal Agency ResponseNon-Governmental Organizations (NGO)Cross-Organizational CoordinationMass CasualtiesPublic Health & Medical ServicesPotable WaterFood SupplyShelterSanitationJustice/Law EnforcementPrison ManagementPublic AffairsPublic Works & EngineeringFirefightingEmergency ManagementSearch & RescueMass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing & Human ServicesGraves RegistrationRefugee Camp ManagementLong-Term Community RecoveryOil & Hazardous MaterialsEnergyPublic Safety & SecurityExternal AffairsChemicalCommercial FacilitiesCritical ManufacturingDamsDefense Industrial BaseEmergency ServicesFinancial ServicesFood & AgricultureGovernment FacilitiesInformation TechnologyNuclear Reactors, Materials, & WasteTransportation SystemsWater & Wastewater SystemsCivil DefenseLong Term Resilience (General Population)Long Term Resilience (Commercial)Long Term Resilience (Government)Other

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